fredag 12. februar 2016

Throw kindness around like confetti.

Few days ago I was so inspired by Marta Lapkowska here tutorial with this movie on youtube. I just had to throw me around. Meanwhile, I found out that I would use it as my contribution in Color Me posetiv 2016. It is a page where we get a quota and images to inspire you and push yourself a little further.

Quata for week 6 was kindness.

I must say I learned some useful techniques by watching the video, and I transferred it to this tag to.

I like to use these round Epoxy Stickers from prima to accentuate details

I used Brusho, and viva inka gold, insted for the Prima stuff. I used Prima stamps and stencil.

Thats was all for today, have a nice Friday ♥

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