tirsdag 16. februar 2016

What If...!

Color me Posetive 2016 has done something to me, and I like it.

This is from week 5, am a little behind, but that is ok.

I've used the brusho, to find out more about how it responds to different medium, not to mention the types of paper it likes. I have found that it is important to have good preparation. It is not enough just to use white gesso.

My dear husband wondered what stamped in the butterfly really meant. So I said, when I took the decision to marry you, get houses, children and a life with you, when I dreamed so big dreams, that it actually scared me.

To stretch a little further, daring to believe in themselves, while keeping a pure heart.

I've added some dark elements to this Art Journal , because life is not a bed of roses, because without the dark you can not enjoy all the good that happens. The more you use your heart, the stronger it becomes.

Have a nice day, hug ♥

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  1. Så fine fargesammensetninger og ord! Du er super på dette altså! Ha en vakker dag i februar! Klem fra meg :)